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How to Make an 8-page book from one piece of Paper

Updated: 7 days ago

Making little books is one of my favourite ways to create a little container for my thoughts, feelings and ideas. These are great for when you want to explore an idea, without making it a huge undertaking. If you've ever felt overwhelmed by a new journal and don't know where to start, these tiny little books can help get you over the block — plus, they're so tiny and so easy to make that you can just keep making them over and over and over!


- A piece of paper (A4 is easy, any size is possible).

- A pair of scissors


Start with a piece of paper — plain white A4 printer paper is a great option, but you can use any paper, any size. The bigger the page you start with, the more space you will have to create in the pages of your book. An A4 page will make a book approximately 75mm x 105mm. An A3 page makes a book approximately 105mm x 145mm

Click here for a quick video demonstration.

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