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What is

Art For Your Life?

Art For your Life is an information and educational website containing various resources for Creative Healing, where art is the vehicle into healing, soothing and nurturing. 


The Beginning Story

The idea for this website was spawned in a Postgraduate Certificate of Creative Therapies course, at Charles Darwin University. Using four topics to guide the process, this website is a container of info, practical guides and explanations of how to use art as a way into healing. 


Client-lead healing practises, with the aim of being open and sensitive to humans seeking connection to their own healing powers. Utilising skills gained through my own arts practise and education. 


Guiding Philosophy

There are four main guideposts I consider when creating these resources: Michel Foucault's philosophy on Power & Discourse; The Yolgnu people's tradition of Dadirri; Time — particularly how time can be both a powerful ally in teaching and motivating, but can also have adverse cultural effects if it is used too strictly; and, Healing — creative practise as a powerful tool for improving our mental health. Please click through to read more on these topics. 

Who is behind this? 

Zoe Collins is a very serious, but never solemn, creative ball of energy, She believes that colour is not to be wrestled with, but spun like magic, that art cures the troubled soul and that taxes are a privilege, not a curse. Her work has been described as colorful, powerful, fresh, quirky, witty and mad. She writes, draws, paints, prints, collages and teaches. Zoë believes that peace comes from within, from working out who you are and being gentle with your perceived failings. She loves showing people how to be creative, both in person and online and is a firm believer that creativity is a muscle we are all capable of flexing.

Zoë currently lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband, two kids, favorite girl dog, and a large elderly cat. 

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