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Updated: Jan 14

I like to keep a book of inspiration — it's like a magazine made only for me, of mostly visual delights. I have SO many of these lying around that I thought I'd start a little archive here — when I feel a little shady, unable to find the motivation to do, I like to flick through the pages of things I've gathered and just breathe in the things that make my heart beat.

Edition: One // Date: 20 November 2023


A lovely plant spotted in a driveway. The colours! That ruby pinky red, the jacaranda purple and those tiny splashes of greens and dirty yellow. Delicious. I haaaad to snap a pic (after I responsibly parked the car).

#2 — SomeTHING to read

'Demon Copperhead' by Barbara Kingsolver — by golly Ms Kingsolver knows how to get right inside her characters and breathe them into life with her eye for detail, conversation and the deepest of empathy. Demon Copperhead is a boy, growing into a man — and the people who've shaped him — from his addict mother, brutal stepfather, hillbilly neighbours and a cast of characters who are revealed in a story that I swear I am watching on a stage. I can't put this down.

#3 — SomeTHING I ate.

Anouk Cafe, Paddington. I ordered the Pad Kra Pao Gai for the wok-fried egg. I also had a moment where I was telling my companion about how much I missed another friend and spontaneously wept — the waiter quietly dropped me an extra napkin. Dear Lord, but I love being cared for.

#4 — SomeTHING Unexpected.

Recently I've been engaging in something one would describe as 'exercise', in a friend's garage (she is a kick arse exercise physiologist)... I remarked one day how amazing this garage smelled and she promptly gifted me with a CANDLE ... a candle that I am now lighting every night at the dinner table, even though I profess to not be a fan of candles. (Also, the kid is lighting it — he declared last night, "I love fire". Great, kid. Please do not love it so much that you burn down our house ok? OK Mum.)

#5 — visuals from the archives

Top Row: Dior Corset belt spotted in a window in Melbourne, a flower I liked the look of, delicious libation // Second Row: a yellow I could eat; lines framing ladies; a wall spotted somewhere in Melbourne.

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