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Adventure Monkey — Hot Air Balloon iron on transfer | Collab with Biased Love -

Adventure Monkey — Hot Air Balloon iron on transfer | Collab with Biased Love -


Iron on heat transfer for any fabric and colour (fabric needs to withstand high heat for example cotton, linen, velveteen, silk, etc.).


Designed and produced in Australia. This will add a unique touch to your tee, tote, or next sewing project. 


Ideal for clothing, tote bags, cushions, etc. Image size is approximately 16 x 17 cm.


Other designs available. 


Iron-on instructions

STEP ONE. Choose fabric wisely. Cotton, cotton blends,

wool, silk, velveteen, velour, soft denim, t-shirts or

sweatshirts are the best and easiest to manage.

STEP TWO. Iron Heat. Set to ‘cotton’, NO STEAM.

STEP THREE. Hard, Flat Surface. Place your garment

onto a hard, flat surface (not a padded ironing board),

and ensure it is completely flat.

STEP FOUR. Peel off webbed backing. Set your

transfer in place, on your garmet, shiny side up and

cover completely with the included piece of common

baking paper.

STEP FIVE. Apply iron. Hold it still for ten seconds.

Don’t move the iron. Repeat for each part of the design

that isn’t covered by the iron.

STEP SIX. Wait. When the baking paper is warm to cool

(don’t rush), gently peel off the baking paper, then the

plastic backing paper, in a SLOW DIAGONAL motion.



Instead of peeling straight away, turn the garment inside

out and run the iron over it one more time, to ensure the

glue has all melted.


Your rad iron-on transfer has been a collaboration between

Kathya Morales and Zoë Collins. Not for resale. Do not

reproduce artwork without prior permission. Follow

@biasedlove_ and @zoecollinsart on Instagram for more!

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