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The Wall — a resource for teachers and community groups.

The Wall — a resource for teachers and community groups.


This is a guide for how to create an outdoor art wall for children and young people to engage in creative art play for the purpose of building community, healing and just plain fun. 


It's a resource that builds community by leading kids and teachers through a collaborative creation of an outdoor art space that will foster cooperation, freedom and a positive sense of well-being.


It comes complete with list of materials, guide to preparation and reasons why this is something you could create in your own school or community group space. 

  • The nitty gritty.

    What's 'in the box'?

    A 9-page PDF document, with detailed instructions on how to plan, prepare and execute a really cool art space for kids in schools or community spaces. 

    A note on copyright

    This is my work — years of experience, study, contemplation and expertise has lead me to this moment. The price I am selling it for includes the right for you to download, print out and use for personal, non-commercial or education purposes. It is not for you to reproduce or sell in any way. Thank you so much for your care and integrity.  


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