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You: Artfull Self-Discovery — Book only

You: Artfull Self-Discovery — Book only


You: Artfull Self-Discovery is my love-letter to my own sensitive soul — it is a small but mighty book, jam packed with wit, wisdom and my particular type of imperfect drawings to help encourage you on your way. There's plenty of room for you to add your own style, colour, mess over the top. It's a way for you to bring out and reintroduce your nervous system to the real you. It's good for your soul, good for your mental health and really good warm up practise into some arty crafty goodness.


What exactly is in the book? 

The book begins with 'warms ups' — 8 pages of small, quick and easy questions that tease out all the things that make you... you! From the seemingly trivial, right up to the intimate and personal, we get things moving in an easy and non-threatening way. Do you like rain or sunshine? chocolate or chips? And what's your favourite colour combo? 


Then we move into the play section where things are still pretty light and breezy — a couple of pages of drawing, cutting, and exploring colour and things that you love. You could spend 5 or 50 minutes in these pages. It's entirely up to you!


From here we go into a couple of slow pages, where we play with fingerprints and treasure collections. And, after this we get into project territory — things you can really sink your teeth into. Some drawing, writing, big things, little things. Things you can dip in and out of at your leisure. 


Then, right in the middle of the book is a complete break from thinking — you can colour in, cut out, or just keep it as is... because the next things are where we gently nudge and dig a little deeper, finding out what makes us really tick. There are unique and quirky creative projects and exercises that guide you through some contemplative moments, ending with a love letter — to yourself. 


This book is for you — so please, take it and make it your own. 


*** Please note — this is the same book that is part of this almost sold out art kit. ***


A small but mighty 40 page book to show you how to find your creative self in order to be the best creative person you can be. It's good for your soul, good for your mental health and really good warm up practise into some arty crafty goodness. From Brisbane-based artist and designer Zoe Collins comes this creative therapy tool, suitable for anyone from about 14 years.


The specifics

  • A5, 40 pages, black and white, printed by Colour Chiefs, in Brisbane Australia (just around the corner from my studio!)

    At this stage we are unable to offer refunds. Please use the contact form to reach Zoe with any concerns or problems and she will do her best to please you. :) 

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